An experienced garden tool developer dedicated to innovation for more than a decade, we continuously upgrade production technologies and product quality,
offering customers enhanced tools with strong competitiveness. Backed by stringent quality inspection, high output and low defects,<
>we efficiently reduce production cost to give customers competitive and value-added garden tools, a practice that will remain in the future to help customers build business. Meanwhile,
we plan to expand our factory, adopt more precision machinery to offer customers complete, wide-ranging products and services.

Premium Extendable Garden Hose

EASY TO USE: Simply turn on your faucet and watch this hose expand to a length of 50 feet to reach the far corners of your garden. When water is turned off, the hose shrinks back to its original size. A MULTIPURPOSE HOSE.

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Ultra Flexible, Durable, Kink-Free Garden Hose

We have immediately designed the multi-function material which stands the water pressure of 600 PSI,heat, cold, and ultraviolet, because we have the experience of professionally researching and developing gardening tools for years.

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Hoses, nozzles, misters, sprayers, sprinklers, connectors, joints, tubes, elastic garden hoses

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